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What's included in my party?

YOUR party includes:

-Access to the park for your jumpers

-2 reserved tables/area in the park

-Jump socks for the kids

-Paper goods setup: plates, napkins, sporks (orange plates, purple napkins)

-Balloon bouquet at each table (a larger bouquet in the center of the room if you have a party room)

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign for your kiddo

-Altitude shirts plus Happy Birthday jump pass for your birthday kiddo

-Party Host to keep the party going and take care of you along the way

-Small bottled waters for the guests

Can I bring food/drinks?

You can bring in the sweets: cake cupcakes, ice cream, fruit tray.  (We do have refrigerators and freezers for these things.)  There is no outside food or drink allowed other than these sweets.

For drinks, small bottled waters are included.  You can add on juice boxes for $1.25 each, or 20 oz  Coca Cola products for $2/each.

We partner with 1000 Degrees Pizza (www.1000degreespizza) to offer you pizza during your event. Pizza must be purchased through our establishment. 1-topping pizzas are $13.99 and 3-topping pizzas are $14.99. We will contact you the week of your event for food orders and we can make suggestions as well. You can also order the wings and salads on their menu.

Please talk with your event booker if you have concerns about what we offer or any restrictions.

Who counts toward the jumpers?

You can let whoever you want jump!  The kids, their parents, siblings, etc.  It is at your discretion.  You will let us know during the follow-up call we make the week of your group what you would like to pay for.

Kids age two and under are free and do not count as a “jumper” in your group, just make sure the parent informs the cashier of their age when checking in.  Their guardian will use one of the jumping wristbands from your party, however, since children that young should be accompanied by a parent.

Are there any clothing restrictions?

Here at Altitude, we want to have a safe and fun environment for everyone to jump. Athletic wear is the ideal recommendation when coming to the park, but it is up to you.

To ensure safety, we ask that you do not wear any clothing with embellishments that could tear our trampolines.  We ALWAYS offer free lockers for you to keep your things.

How early can I arrive?

We tell parents they can arrive at whatever time is best for their sanity!  Keep in mind that we will check in the jumpers within 15 minutes of the start of the party time only.

If you book one of the first events in your area of the day (your party booker can let you know this) then you have extra time to set up your area.

All other events will be ready for you 15 minutes before your party start time, because there was an event prior to yours.  Thank you for respecting another party, and understanding our team is working hard to make sure you have an awesome experience.

Who has to fill out a waiver?

Every person hoping to be out, on, or near the trampolines needs a waiver.  Anyone over age 18 needs to fill out their own waiver.  The parent of the minor must fill out the waiver.  They can do so online a couple of days before the event or at our computers once they get here.  Sometimes, there is a line for the waiver station.  Every child, despite their age, needs to be on a waiver.  Once we check an electronic waiver, it is good for one year and guests do not have to fill it out every time they visit us.  Field trips can bring paper waivers (we will email you the waiver) and are good for one visit only.
Sign a Waiver Here

What about gratuity?

Your host will bring you a final bill (minus your deposit which will be already applied) toward the end of your event.

You do have the opportunity to write in a gratuity for them or leave them cash.

Feedback about your event is always encouraged as we strive for excellent service, please contact us at

How can I have the best experience?

-Have parents RSVP and fill out a safety waiver

-Read and go over your confirmation email after booking your event.  It has everything you need to know!

-Expect a call from a party planner the week of your event to go over details/food/drink

-Communicate and needs/concerns to us ASAP so we can provide the best experience for you!