What is included in my group event?

All group events include the quoted jump time for the entire group as well as socks for each jumper. We will do our best to accommodate you with tables for seating if your group needs them. If your group chooses to purchase pizza, we will definitely accommodate you with tables. Food and drink options are available. More information on that is below.

Who counts toward the jumpers?

You can let whoever you want jump!  The kids, their parents, siblings, etc.  It is at your discretion.  You will let us know during the follow up call we make the week of your group what you would like to pay for.  Extra guests can pay for themselves or you can choose to add them on to your group and the price will be adjusted at check out.  Kids age two and under are free and do not count as a “jumper” in your group, just make sure the parent informs the cashier of their age when checking in.  Their guardian will use one of the group wristbands, however, since children that young should be accompanied by a parent.

Are there any clothing restrictions?

Here at Altitude, we want to have a safe and fun environment for everyone to jump. Athletic wear is the ideal recommendation when coming to the park, but it is up to you. To ensure safety, we ask that you do not wear any clothing with embellishments that could tear our trampolines.

Do you provide food or drink?

We partner with 1000 Degrees and offer to have pizza added to your group. Please talk with your event booker of you have concerns about what we offer or any restrictions.

If my group brought a bus, where do I park it?

When you get here you can park In front of the building to unload your group. Once emptied, we have TONS of parking off to the side of our main entrance.

How early can I arrive?

ou can arrive 15 minutes early to get checked in.

Who has to fill out a waiver?

Every person hoping to be out, on, or near the trampolines needs a waiver.  Anyone over age 18 needs to fill out their own waiver.  The parent of the minor must fill out the waiver.  They can do so online a couple of days before the event or at our computers once they get here.  Sometimes, there is a line for the waiver station.  Every child, despite their age, needs to be on a waiver.  Once we check an electronic waiver, it is good for one year and guests do not have to fill it out every time they visit us.  Field trips can bring paper waivers (we will email you the waiver) and are good for one visit only.

What if I get here and a child’s parent has not filled out the safety waiver?

It is best to have the child’s parent fill out the waiver online or a paper waiver before they arrive.  As a last resort, the group leader may fill out a waiver for the child.  However, please understand that the person who fills out the waiver is taking 100% legal responsibility for that child.

What about gratuity?

We understand that budgets exist!  With that being said, we will not ask for a gratuity from groups. If you would like to leave something for the person helping out your group, you are more than welcome to.  Feedback about your event to our General Manager (Myles Siegel) is always appreciated!

How can I have the best experience?

  1. Have parents fill out a paper or online waiver
  2. Let us know if you have special needs/requests
  3. Make sure your group knows about basic trampoline safety:
    1. no running or chase
    2. jump on your own trampoline
    3. do skills within your ability
    4. safety rules are posted outside of each area
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